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What is Social ICE?

Social ICE (Interactive Community Engagement) is an outsourced social app. that allows owners and leaders of real-World communities to generate multiple revenue streams whilst providing a huge range of benefits to their community members.

Social ICE is your own fully featured social network. It is owned by you, has your branding and is focused on delivering value to you and your community.

Who’s it for?


Communities, Fans & Groups

Social ICE is an innovative, easy to use application that actively helps you to build and manage any fan base or group whilst delivering compelling community engagement tools along with several revenue engines that benefit both you and your community. We show you how to use the ICE engines to generate revenue and how to build a community engagement momentum that secures and grows these revenues into the future.

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How do you benefit?

You may already be a leader of a community, or you may want to start a community and build it from scratch. Unlike other social networks, with Social ICE you can own all the revenue you generate. – So who would be most likely to benefit? Leaders of:

  • Social Groups
  • Music Artists
  • Sports Clubs
  • Celebrities
  • Charities
  • Business Networks
  • Fan Bases…..

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How do your members benefit?

Social ICE offers a number of ways for your members to benefit by:

  • Connecting & communicating with other members
  • Having own profiles
  • Creating video, photo and other albums
  • Publishing their own blogs, forums and content
  • Communicating with you
  • Messaging in real-time
  • Creating their own groups & events
  • Promoting themselves to the community
  • Promoting themselves to the “outside world”
  • Gaining access to unique content, information & offers
  • Gaining a sense of belonging
  • Linking to their other social networks from within yours.

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1) Easy ICE

Social ICE apps are simple to manage and use. You don’t need to be an expert in social networking nor should you worry about how technical you are… Every Social ICE customer gets a complete support package which includes set-up, training and marketing help. – We measure our success on your success, so we are both on the same team.

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2) Customise your ICE

Every Social ICE customer has the option of creating their own “look and feel” and branding. You have the opportunity to really make your community network stand out and look like whatever you want it to look like…. Your own unique looking ICE.

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3) Manage and promote your ICE

Your Social ICE app comes complete with an easy to use admin section that helps you to manage your community whilst delivering a range of powerful tools that also help you to promote your community to the World.

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4) Control your ICE from your admin panel

Controlling your ICE is easy…. We provide you with a powerful yet simple-to-use admin panel that allows you to manage everything from any device you chose…..where-ever you are…when-ever you want.


Compatibility – which devices?

Your Social ICE community app will work on all platforms; PC, Mac, tablet and smart phone and is designed to be useful, engaging and available to your community in real time, wherever and whenever.

We live in a “do it now” and “tell me now” connected world, and people expect all online applications to deliver “what they say on the tin”. Your Social ICE app will deliver a huge amount of value and functionality to all your members whilst providing you with a range of unparalleled real-time communication and promotional tools….. It’s a very big tin!

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If you want to learn about how Social ICE can help you to build an engaged community and how you can generate revenue as a result, why not contact us today and let us show you how.

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Social ICE is a brand name of Pitchcom Ltd: Ferneberga House, Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK,GU14 6DQ.  Email: admin@socialice.net